Thursday, August 26, 2010

NYDA profile

Ngorongoro Youth Development Association (NYDA) is a Youth led organization found in July-2008  within the NCA division, it is a Non Governmental Organization registered under the company limited by guarantee, Act No.12 of 2002.  The aim is to address the challenge of poor youth of indigenous pastoralist and the community at large, in involving them into small Groups for income generating activities, capacity building, resource mobilization, education trust fund, health care system, education on Human nutrition, HIV/AIDs, drug abuse, Commercial livestock production and community environmental conservation awareness.
Ngorongoro Youth Development Association (NYDA) aim to create a united forum to network youth in Ngorongoro division as well as the whole district,

NYDA values

  1. NYDA shall establish a multi-pronged partnership, including the local community, the environmental conservation organization with external experts, and the government institutions with local authority, along with other possible stakeholders.
  2. Concomitant to the above, while NYDA encourages strategic cooperation between stakeholders, it rejects any formal affiliation with political or religious parties and is committed to serving everyone equally despite a person’s political or religious affiliation.
  3. NYDA creating a community livelihood improvement plan based on a shared vision of which the community is, what it does what it has, how it is, and where it wants to be.
  4. NYDA shall have a mandate to conduct a forum for discussions, debates and reflections on policy and development issues to members, public officials and members of the entire community, as well as members of civil societies such as CBO’s and NGO’s and the public in general.
  5.  On the subject of the most  indigenous societies which are living in or around areas rich of natural resources like national parks and mining centers, NYDA shall use its  best Endeavour to educate them to benefit from tourism and natural resources around them.
  6.  NYDA shall conduct various researches on indigenous life styles and their economics to reveal the main obstacles to sustainable development and entrepreneurship skills among indigenous.
  7. NYDA shall in representation with either of its members, attend youth forum national and international.
  8. NYDA shall support campaign for environment education.
  9. NYDA is committed to advocate employment for youths within and outside Ngorongoro, by making a good recommendation of the individuals in relevant to their Good record in performance of their professions.
  10. NYDA appreciates the nature of donors’ relations and remains committed to diligently engaging donors and accommodating their interests as long as doing so does not compromise this constitution.